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Monday, September 20, 2010

Field added in Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS are missing (Changes in GTC)

Task in Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS is missing if any modifications in GTC.

Solution :

When you add a UDF to Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS you also need to create a field type lookup for that field.
Please see the below example:
1. Create two UDF fields USR_UDF_1 and USR_UDF_2
2. Add the following in Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS
USR_UDF_1 - TaskUDF1
USR_UDF_2 - TaskUDF2
3. Created a new lookup
Code: LookupUDF1
Field: USR_UDF_1
Field Type radio checked
Group: Users
UDF1 - TestUDF1
4. Created a new GTC connector
Results for Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS:
USR_UDF_1 - TaskUDF1 -> remains after the GTC creation
USR_UDF_2 - TaskUDF2 -> is deleted because it has no field type lookup

So please note that the added new row in Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS must be a valid usr table column. If this newly added row doesn't exist as field type lookup, it will be filtered out in OIM code. 


  1. but why it is so?

    After GTC modification why process triggers are missing?

  2. Wow..this really saved me. I had no idea why my process triggers were "disappearing". How in the world did you figure this out? Is it documented anywhere?


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